‘’My career started in the first faculty year when I was accepted as a volunteer within AIESEC Iasi, where I discovered my passion for Marketing, specialization towards which I have oriented myself in the third year of faculty. From this period, I have always tried to combine marketing with work in the NGO field, in order to enjoy myself equally, both passions.

After the faculty I also headed towards the NGO sector because I felt that this field can support the potential of every human being to be more and because the period of volunteerism during the faculty was very motivating. In these 9 years since I have been working, I have centred on and I have specialized in the project management, and this thing is noticed in more than 15 projects in which I was involved during this time.

I liked more some of the projects, others less, but from all of them I learned something.

I am the ‘’handywoman’’ in the organization, but especially the person responsible for the creativity. I like to do information materials from our projects and to play with pictures and with texts so that, our beneficiaries could read them fondly, and why not, could change their perception on some things.

Those 2 projects that are and will be the dearest to me for all my life, are ‘’Ioana’’ and ‘’Ovidiu’’, these two children of mine, who challenge me every day more than any other project which I wrote or implemented. Together with them I like to climb mountains, and sleep in a tent, I like to read them books, and also together with them, I would like to see new places, and to meet beautiful people.’’