”Since I have known myself, I wanted to do something for people, and among people, for those who are the least advantaged by fate. At school I always defended the pupils who couldn’t defend themselves, and probably I might have been a good lawyer. From these two, more powerful was the desire to do something in order to change people’s lives in a good way and this thing made me choose from the social sciences, sociology.

I suddenly had at 22 years old, a diploma in Sociology, with which I did not know what to do. So I experimented many ways: I wrote articles for a newspaper, I made counselling with teenagers, I was a specialized educator for 6 girls from a foster care centre, and I wrote projects through which I could attract financing.


From all these, I was attracted most by the part of writing the projects, and the sector of NGOs. Maybe it is an event or not, but the first written project was a social one, through which we aimed ourselves to offer ‘’home visit’’ medical service to the lonely elderly people whom I found in a block of flats next to Nicolina railway station. Since then, more than 13 years ago, I wrote many projects, the majority of them in the social field. Some of them were financed, others (were still) not. In every of them I put a small part of a child’s dream of 13 years old, who wanted most to change the world in a good way, and this thing makes me move on every time. I like to activate in the non-governmental field, for the opening and freedom which it gives me, because when I start writing a new project, I can see with my mind’s eye, all the wonderful things which will happen.


I have implemented projects which at first sight, seem impossible to implement, like for example to organize 360 debates in the rural area, about the integration of Romania in the European Union, in one year, or to create a civic initiative centre, through which the citizens could become active voices, in their neighbourhood (centre which still exists and continues to do things for citizens). I accompanied a group of talented pupils in all the counties of Moldavia, in order to play a theatre play for other children. I coordinated a team of 15 counsellors who oriented in a scholastic and professional way, 1200 pupils from the school groups of North – Eastern Region.


When I am not involved in the projects, I like to take my backpack in my back, and hold the children’s hands, and to go climbing a mountain top, to sit around a campfire, and to start a competition by counting the meteorites.