We are always looking for partners with whom we could share good practices in the field and with whom we can cooperate so that not only us but also our partners could develop institutionally. Throughout time we had a good collaboration with a series of institutions, associations, and companies with which we have conceived projects and activities in the common areas of work, and we created lifelines with other collaborators. Those with which we established until now reliable partnerships and collaboration relationships:



A supplier of professional training from Iasi, mediation and guidance centre. Together with Info Education we unfold the project ‘’ The First steps are important: Be oriented!’’ co-financed from the Social European Fund through the Sectoral Operational Programme – the Development of Human Resources 2007 – 2013.

Development Training Consulting


A supplier of professional and personal training from Iasi, together with which we developed courses in the area of project management, and with which we collaborate in consultancy activities for accessing non – reimbursable funds and writing projects.

“Inima Reginei”

inima reginei

An organization from Barlad which develops projects and assistance activities and integration of the underprivileged groups, especially educational projects for gypsy children. The Association ‘’Queen’s Heart’’ supports our project ‘’Look beyond the surface’’ financed through the grants SEE 2009 – 2014 within NGO Fund for Romania.

“Elita Școlii”

elita scolii
Constituted at the initiative of a group of high school students from Barlad, with the purpose of promoting through an example of the education’s values, among the underprivileged groups, with preponderance gypsy. The Association ‘’School’s Elite’’ are our partners within the project ‘’Look beyond the surface’’.

Asociația “Bună ziua, Copii din România”


It is a non – governmental organization established in Barlad in the year 1999 from the initiative of a group of Dutch volunteers who came into Romania with the desire to help children from the foster care centres and state institutions responsible for their care and growth. ‘’Hello Children’’ from Romania is one of the organizations which we supported to attract financing for beautiful projects which they make for children.


An NGO from Iasi, which contributes to the creation and development of opportunities of personal and professional development of the youth from Romania. We share the same values and principles with the Association Voice and we collaborate in activities of professional training, non – formal education, promoting the volunteerism.

Direcția Generală de Asistență a Copilului și Protecția Copilului Iași


The main supplier of social services from Iasi County, which we collaborate with and which we consult in social assistance activities.

Județean Iași

For support and technical assistance or of any other type in the local activities and initiatives which are in CJ‘s area of interest from Iasi.