How did we start?

In 2008, after many years of work, in and with different organizations and foundations, we joined NGO environment, with our own project which could make its own way in the community – The Association for Continuous Development AD Plus Iasi.
In those 7 years from its establishment, we have conceived projects which could change and improve people’s lives, we have empowered resources and people from the community towards the needs which we identified at the level of North-Eastern Region of the country, and we have also built partnerships with institutions and organizations which share our values and principles, we have offered consultancy services which helped our customers and partners save time and resources.
The first full year of activity was for us 2014, when we passed from our ideas to the first financed and implemented projects, having a real impact on the community. We are convinced that we will succeed in carrying on and multiplying these results many years from now on.