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orientatWe established the Association for Continuous Development AD Plus Iasi having the thought that a change in the world starts with us. We cannot enjoy and be proud of the community in which we live if we do not take care of it ourselves. We would not enjoy a world with cities full of life and healthy people if we are not, at our turn, active and involved.

We are a small group, but dedicated, of people with qualities and knowledge that we want to use and give to the community. We want to stimulate initiatives, and bring people together, no matter the ethny, religion or genre. We believe in the power of a well-defined and active community.


AD Plus Iasi activity focuses on people, with everything they involve: knowledge, skills, interests and desires. Through the offered projects and services, we follow the improvement of the quality of the disadvantaged people’s lives, especially of the children and their families, and until now, we have invested time and energy in activities which had an impact for… Details



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